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Master Kevin Sogor Master Kevin Sogor

FitCut Fitness

Coming NOW! Under construction. A unique and fun approach to high intensity interval training based on Ancient Martial Arts Sword movement and discipline that will get you a lean and toned body FitCut incorporates: Core Activation and Stabilization Functional Strength Dynamic Stretching Cardio-Aerobic Exercise based on the Ancient Art of Sword Fighting FitCut is an 8 Week Program that is uniquely designed with the female body in mind. FitCut incorporates a variety of dynamic stretching, functional strength training, and the ancient Martial Art of Sword fighting in a faced paced one hour workout to help you get in shape for the summer. FitCut classes are offered for $300 for two months ($9.50/class), $192 for one month ($12/class), $120 for two weeks ($15/class) or $20 for one class. FitCut is held exclusively at: