Jungki Kwan Midwest
5413 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60625

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Phone: 773.359.1271

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Special pricing on Women's Self Defense. Including both the new Active Shooter Response and Home Invasion Components. Click here for details and Video short!

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ChungSuk Kuhapdo Sword Classes Forming Now - Click here for details! Space is Limited.

Jungki Kwan Midwest Bombu Dojang 5413 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago IL

Come visit the new dojang, lots of street parking, free water, and a free hip toss to the first 50 visitors! This will be the dojang we can grow into for years to come.

Beginner Hapkido Classes forming NOW!!

Come and try a class with us and see if this is the dojang for you. Beginner classes are offered EVERY Saturday and Sunday at 1PM unless posted, bring some workout clothes and try a class. Please contact us and we will look forward to seeing you! Schedule

Full Time, Professional Dojang!!

Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Please contact us for details about how you can start your passage into the most powerful martial art around. Along with regular training classes, we also offer more specific training: women's self-defense, law enforcement, and seminars.

Convenient Location

Located in Chicago, IL just minutes from downtown, it is Chicago's only full time, professional dojang.

Authentic Hapkido

Classes are taught by Jungki Kwan Midwest in the style founded by Dojunim Choi, Yong Sul.

Traditional Style

We do not teach the watered-down version now widely taught in the United States, but the original and devastating self-defense style.

Respectful Atmosphere

We maintain a sense of tradition while respecting the importance of every student regardless of rank.

Focused Training

Classes are adults-only and taught in a friendly, informal environment. No Contracts, no cult-like rituals, just old fashioned hard training.